Putting the Pashto Bible on your phone

Instructions for Android based Phones

To install the Pashto Bible on your Android phone, install the PashtoBible application from the google market. Here is a link:

You can also download the APK file directly here: PashtoBible.apk

Instructions For Nokia Phones (except Nokia N9 / N950):

To install the Pashto Bible on your mobile phone, please download the following files onto your phone:

(Software last updated 4 Sep 2010)

Your phone should recognize the files and install the application. The application uses the "Go Bible" engine and is suitable for any phone that can handle Java MIDP applications which includes all Symbian phones such as those produced by Nokia.

Instructions For MeeGo Phones (Nokia N9 or N950):

To install the Pashto Bible onto your Nokia N9 or N950, please download the following file onto your phone:

(Software last updated 10 March 2012)

Your N9 / N950 should recognize the file and install the application, but as this is a downloaded file (rather than bought from a store) you may need to give your phone permission to open Unsigned applications (your phone will tell you how/where to do this)

Pashto Bible for Phones

Got a Mobile Phone or need the Bible in another format for your Bible Study computer program?

Here is a free download of the Pashto Bible for your mobile phone!

For Nokia and Android phones see opposite.

Instructions For Other Phones:

Try the Pashto Bible JAR file

A few recent phones need an additional adapter program in order to run MIDP applications. If your phone cannot run the application you should seek a "J2ME MIDP" runner for your phone in order to install the Pashto Bible application.

We are working on new versions for other phone types at the moment so do check back soon if you have any difficulties.

If you need it in another format for your Bible Study program then please contact us and let us know what you need - we would be happy to look into it.